The first film I ever made, long before I even knew about the world of wedding films, was at a St. Patrick’s day party, it was shot on an iPhone 5 and it was terrible. But that film started me on path that led me to where I am today, a full time wedding film maker.

In the intervening years I made a film out of any notable event I attended, festivals, parties, holidays. I hadn’t had a chance to work on any personal projects since July 2016, so last week, during a trip to New York, I shot the video above, Relevance.

Given that it was creating these kind of films that led me to becoming a full time film maker, my gateway drug if you will, I thought I would share my latest work with my past and future wedding couples.

The few people that I have shown this to already, have presumed there is some kind of political message behind it. There isn’t. My aim was that each person will find there own meaning in it, their own relevance.


n u a g e s – Lately (https://nuagesmusic.bandcamp.com/track/lately)


President Donald Trump – Speech to Congress February 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio – Speech at United Nations, New York April 2016

NYFD radio traffic – World Trade Centre, New York September 2001

JFK – Madison Square Garden, New York, May 1962

Casey Neistat – Vlog 56, New York, May 2015


Canon 80D

Tamron 24-70 f2.8


Zoom H1