For 20 years, DVDs dominated the market, not just in wedding videography but in movies, games and music. But, like floppy disks and VHS before DVD isn’t dying….its dead.

The rise of online-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes has made media far more accessible, convenient and affordable. We consume the majority of our media through our phones, tablets and smart TVs.

For this reason, Little Bear Films, like many other wedding videographers in Ireland and abroad deliver our wedding films digitally, online.

Wedding Videographer Digital Delivery Example
Wedding Videographer Digital Delivery Example

So what exactly is digital delivery?

Very simply put, digital delivery means your wedding videos are delivered in the form of your own private web page.

These pages are fully customizable, with interactive menus, images and even your own background music. In many ways, they are not unlike the menu systems found on DVDs. The main difference, however, is that you can access them from anywhere; your phone, your laptop, your computer, your smart tv, anything with an internet connection.

Some people may have reservations about hosting their precious memories exclusively online. No problem, digital delivery means you can download your wedding videos to your laptop, computer or USB/external hard drive at any time. You also have the option to burn your own DVDs should you wish.

The benefits of digital delivery of your wedding films are far reaching. The worries of a scratched DVD or a corrupted USB drive are no more. You can share not just your highlights film, but indeed your whole wedding film, with friends and family no matter where they are in the world. And finally, in a few years time, when manufacturers stop making DVD players you can rest easy knowing your wedding films are safe online and backed up your hard drive.

Wedding Videographer Digital Delivery Example
Wedding Videographer Digital Delivery Example

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